The Xcalibur Machine

The Xcalibur Machine is the latest in Anti-Aging and Age Reversal technology. Originally designed as an Radio Frequency version of the Anti Aging machine known as the Dotto Ring from the 1970’s. The Dotto Machine was a thermo-couple that replicated the frequencies found in a specific area of the Hunza valley where the people there are reported to live well over 120 years of age functioning as if they were still in the prime of Youth. Gianni Dotto determined that it was the magnetic anomalies found in the area that created the life extension effects. The enhanced magnetism from the area imbued the food and water as well as the people.

The Xcalibur Magnetic field Generator

The Xcalibur Magnetic field Generator has multiple settings in addition to the Dotto Ring frequencies 1.9-2.1 Mhz. We have also added audio microphone, that enables music and sound to be converted to a magnetic field. This machine has a wonderful potential for live music shows. In our limited experience with live music we have noticed the audience reverts to a childlike state where the masks of the Adult world are dropped and the return of innocence of youth is restored. The sound quality of live music shows is immediately enhanced we believe from improved coherence of the signal, which we also understand is the reason for the cause of any anti-aging effects.

The Schumann resonance (7.83Hz)

The Schumann resonance (7.83Hz) is the third setting found on the Xcalibur machine which is the natural pulsation of the Earth’s magnetic field that connects all living things. The Schmann resonance can easily be enhanced by the Xcalibur machine by several multiples. There is potential here for quote activating latent DNA or other psychic types of powers. We are now entering in the realm of the spiritual masters that, would sequester themselves away from societies high in the mountains to utilize the properties of granite acting as a capacitor for storing energy; to enhance the aura and  DNA. The Xcalibur machine has more potential power than can be found in any sacred site in the world. Here is a case where technology can improve upon nature which is the proper use of knowledge to aid the spiritual ascendency of Man.

Dotto Ring/Xcalibur History
I read an article on the Dotto Ring right after 9-11, about an anti-aging device created by an Italian Engineer named Giovanni Dotto. The premise of the device is to replicate the magnetic frequencies found in the Hunza valley in Northern Pakistan. It is reported than people live up to 150 years of age in a functional youthful state.
This is the area where the Gogi berries come from, where as most people focus on the life extension properties found in the food and the water: Dotto attributed the Anti-aging effects to the magnetic fields found in the valley from the unique geography of a hot valley juxtaposed next to a glacier mountain. Dotto theorized that the increased magnetic field effect was from the clash of the hot and cold fronts, in the middle was the treatment zone.
 It would be akin to blasting a high intensity Air Conditioner out the door and a hot summer’s day.
Dotto’s original unit was a big bulky device that a coil that was heated on one side and cooled on the other. It would generate frequencies similar to the Hunza valley in the 1.9Mhz range to 2.1MHz He had several units at Sloan-Kettering Hospital in NYC doing a cancer treatment study when the machines were suddenly smashed by members of the FDA. Dotto soon fled the country and was never heard from again. My personal Odyssey to have the Dotto Ring manufactured took over 6 years with three different engineers. I had shelved the project for a year and a half when the first prototype made from cardboard and paper clips broke and the engineer was extorting me for more money. The Xcalibur Machine has evolved from the the original thermo-couple into an elegant Radio Frequency device that is far more flexible and powerful than the Dotto Ring.