Age Reversal

The XCalibur segment of technology fits into the architecture of the “Ascension Energy Program” — the next generation of energy technologies used to remove negativity from the human Aura. After 5 years of usage exclusively with the AscensionEnergyProgram, the XCalibur machine is now for sale to the general public. Nikola Tesla once said that the quest of Man is to accumulate more energy or power. The XCalibur machine was designed with that in mind as first and foremost an Age Reversal Device.

Age Reversal
 The human being is a standing wave of energy, a hologram according to quantum physics. The Aura consists of the etheric body- the blueprint for the physical body, mental, spiritual and emotional bodies as well as the physical carbon-based body. All these bodies emanate and inter-act with the physical body. Your DNA has both physical and non-physical aspects. The physical body is rooted in time and is subject to the laws of entropy or aging. The etheric body is non-linear and outside of time. The process of Ascension is the transformation of the linear carbon-based body to a non-linear Crystal/silicone based structure. The concept of alchemy is is transmutation of dark to light. The whole DNA code contains the memories of your life experiences not only from this lifetime but every lifetime in a multitude of realities. These imprints if they are traumatic create an interference pattern that interferes with the proper functioning of the DNA. All sorts of problems could occur such as diseases in all varieties, emotional difficulties, karmic blocks, aging in general which is negativity as a result of living in time and being subjected to the group mind of humanity. Death is simply a program or an accumulation of enough negativity where the body disintegrates and ceases to function. Living in time results in the weakening of all the energy bodies specifically the etheric body which contains the blueprint for the Ascended Man or perfected Man. Some traditions call it the Christ, Buddha, Immortals or the Superman.
  The end goal of the Xcalibur machine is to remove enough negativity to activate the Ascension process on a bio-chemical level. The physical body is the last chain in the sequence. As the densest of all bodies, it is the least affected by the mind, however over time the body will exhibit the effects of the mind. As the removal of negativity from the use of the Xcalibur machine takes place over time, the body becomes lighter as the fears, negative emotions and memories are neutralized or erased. As the memories are wiped-clean of the negative emotional content, there is a corresponding increase in the energy contained within all the subtle bodies. Traditionally the Chinese believe that when we use up the pre-natal chi contained within the etheric body, that we age and eventually die. The bio-resonance sweep technologies such as the XCalibur, are designed to increase the pre-natal chi contained within the subtle bodies. We are attempting to recharge the Etheric battery that was originally charged at the moment of Conception through the Coupling of the male and the female. Conception is a massive electro-magnetic event similar to a thunder and lightening storm.  When this begins to happen, we start to Age Regress. Age Reversal on a physical level is a result of a massive energy accumulation within the human aura. We have never really seen this reversal happen before so we do not know that it is possible. We only know it in the stories of the legends of the Ascended Masters such as St. Germain, Babaji, the 7 immortals sages of China and the Christ to name a few.
  From incredible depths of meditational focal enhancement, to physical and spiritual invigoration, athletic performance improvement, up to the suggested potentials for repair/reversal of RNA telomere damage (the primary aging marker),
What do the Telomeres do? Telomeres transmit information to the DNA coil to replicate the next set of cells. As the telomeres shorten there is a loss of information to replicate the next set of cells which leads to a gradual degradation of the DNA coil. The basic belief here is that if the Etheric blueprint can be sufficiently re-charged than you should begin to see the reversal of the RNA and DNA damage since the blueprint actually contains the original set of instructions to replicate the cells.
Will the XCalibur Machine completely reverse the Aging process?
At this point we are going to say No. There are many factors that prevent this from happening with the primary one being the Physical Structure of the body itself. Combined with specific physical medicine techniques that re-align the body to it’s original symmetry, we have seen some remarkable results in stopping the aging process and the slow reversal of what we define as Aging. The other primary factor is the general belief held in Mankind  that Aging is an absolutely certainty and that Death is inevitable within the context of the current lifespan of 100 years. We seek to reverse the Aging process and live in an extended prime of Youth and apply all the wisdom of life’s experiences.  Sin or Trauma is the third factor, the removal of Sin or trauma can be facilitated by the machine, but the ultimate choice to return back to God lies with the individual. This is the variable which can never be overcome by any technology or treatment, the ultimate choice to move in a certain direction lies with the will. This is the only real choice there is to live or to die..This belief in Aging will weaken over time as Anomalies crop up within in Mankind of people that simply do not Age, this will coincide with certain individuals will live naturally by a moral code, where they always do the right thing without effort. Temptation has been conquered and the new Golden Age will commence as a seed that grows into a tree. This may be what is happening with the XCalibur machine right now, but it is simply too early to tell at this point. The quest for relative Immortality is an ongoing affair that is fundamentally a creative act in itself.