Sound and Music Conversion to Magnetic Wave Form

The XCalibur Machine is more than just a Dotto Ring, it has far more flexibility and Power. What is Power? Power is the ability to create an impact or an impression. With enough power a core program can be changed such as the belief in Aging or Death even. Core Programs are what form the basis of our reality, what we consider normal behaviour. Paranormal abilities are outside the range of what is considered normal, simply because we lack the power to utilize these abilities. This relates to Sovereignty over ourselves, we are slaves to higher forms of consciousness that siphon off these abilities and utilize them for their own purposes. Parasites are fundamentally evil, they exist off the life force of living beings. They take without returning equal value, they drain off without reciprocal benefit. This is the nature of evil of the opposite of live, to take from a living being within a finite system. The concept of God exists outside this finite world that has unlimited power and energy. The dream of free energy resides in the notion of an all powerful loving God that returns in greater value than what is given. It is an exponential system of increasing reciprocity, represented by the internal feeling of Happiness or Love.

Our cells operate based on the principal of sound, there is an internal song that runs the system, trauma interferes with the song and causes the system to malfunction or become impaired. The Sound conversion component of the XCalibur machine allows for music to be converted into a magnetic waveform. We can transpose information set via the magnetic waveform and imprint sacred geometric patterns of coded information directly into the body. This is where a research study would come in handy. We have used the XCalibur machine at live venue concerts, we have noticed the effects of creating a rave-like environment without the use of drugs. The false masks that people wear drop away and child like behavior returns to people even with the most rigid character structures. Imagine a rock group like U2, which is known to generate spiritual healings at their live events, with a series of XCalibur machines strategically placed around the venue; I suspect that real spiritual phenomena would be generated unlike anything that has yet been seen at our current level of consciousness. The XCalibur machine has the potential to accelerate consciousness on a group level during live music shows. Indirectly again the music function of the XCalibur machine has the side benefit of removing the effects of Aging by removing trauma imprints and live music shows may be the best place to achieve this effect.

An external stereo audio input jack is built into the unit, that can be used for  meditational tracks, white noise, nature/whale songs and very specific audio feeds can be supplied via non-audio devices too. Think about this? Modulating a magnetic field that is in direct contact with body molecules. Providing a channel of communication that is far more than a headset or TV screen. A direct link to tissues, cellular, molecular and atomic/quantum levels of an organism.

Other ancillary benefits increase clarity of thought and brain functioning, enhanced creativity, improved athletic performance. All these results are either testimonies or observational. An increase in Happiness as a result of higher sustained energy levels. The beauty of the machine is that the effects are cumulative over a period of time. The manual will have the complete technical data, that can be downloaded.